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October Cover Mist - This is NOT your typical neutral base with a few drops of concentrated oil added. You can't beat mother nature for authenticity! October Cover Mist is a blend of ten natural plants, vines, tree leaf juices, and earth essence. Mist your hat every two hours while hunting, and forget which way the wind is blowing!
Mystic Intrigue - A proven blend of buck and doe urine, buck preorbital, and buck interdigital hoof-gland scent, plus five curiosity fixatives attractive to whitetail deer. Hunters all over the US say Mystic Intrigue is a lethal combination of natural deer and curiosity scents that attract both buck & doe the entire season. 


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Pollick's Buck Preorbital gland scent, in a long-lasting oil base. Great for rainy weather. Sold in 1 oz, measured, dropper-cap bottle


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Welcome to Paul Pollick’s Whitetail Deer Scents and Lures!

We produce the greatest selection of all natural buck and doe deer lures on today’s market. 



The natural gland communicating scents used to produce our products are collected fresh each hunting season at our Pennsylvania deer processing business. Paul’s 40 plus years as an active fur trapper has given him the experience to select and formulate only sexually mature buck and doe scent glands. This enables us to create the highest interest, whitetail deer lure attractors to meet the needs of serious, all season whitetail deer hunters.


Have you ever wondered what deer scent or lure to use for different periods of the archery or firearm whitetail season? If you want to consistently enjoy successful hunts, the simple answer is you should!  I have processed deer as a living for over 40 years. In that time, I've talked to hundreds of successful hunters. What they tell me reinforces what I have learned in my 40-plus years of trapping, scent and lure-making experience.  I'd like to share a little of that knowledge with you today.


Plain deer urine by itself is a favorable attractant during late pre-rut (archery season in Pennsylvania!). Deer check urine during the rut for the varying degrees of sexual scents and pheromones that it may contain. As the day light hours shorten with the fall equinox, there is a gradual build up of sexual advertising pheromones in doe urine. This causes the seek and chase period roughly a week to ten days prior to the peak-rut in your area. Mature buck greatly expand their travel area now methodically testing for doe in heat or estrus urine. This tells the buck that the doe is in heat and ready to mate. If all the proper ingredients are not present in its makeup, then it's effectiveness will be diminished. Plain deer urine is not the perfect all-season attractor that you are sometimes led to believe. Remember that scent plays a major role in the life of all whitetail deer. 


There are several other important deer musk and gland scent communicators. They can be tinctured (extracted, blended, and preserved) by an experienced lure maker. The result: strong, natural deer musk scents that are sex-specific. Each deer scent carries its own special message for a particular time of the season. This is what differentiates high-quality, high-interest deer lures for pre-rut, peak-rut and post-rut. Granted, many deer scent and lure makers have their own versions of these formulas. But no scent or lure - regardless of claims - can ever be any better than the quality of the components used and the care taken when collecting, blending, and bottling.  I know there are other quality deer lures out there, but I also know that no other lure maker puts more effort into making the quality product needed to maximize your time in the woods!  I will talk to you on the phone if you would like to discuss more how to use my lures, or information on how to obtain them. To reach us, please visit our Contact Us Page

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Our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality deer scents and lure products to assure you a successful hunt. Visit our products page for more information on each of our unique, hunter tested deer lures, deer scents, and deer urines.



How to build an authentic mock scrape using the same natural scents a buck uses.


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A convenient all-season package of whitetail deer scents & deer lures for the serious hunter.
Our new, larger Pro-Pack now contains 1.2 oz bottles of our deer scents & lures.
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Due to the large percentage of mature Pennsylvania buck & doe we now process, we now have a great supply of:
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Properly tinctured deer musk glands contain up to three times more scent producing molecules than deer urine. Scent gland molecules produce natural scent pheromone communication odors lasting up to a week or more.
If you want to order more than 1 gallon, please phone Paul at 724-295-3543 for adjusted shipping charges.
In addition to our existing gallon offerings, Pollick's will custom blend your own personal high-interest urine/gland all season lure, buck in rut, or doe in estrus deer lures by gallon.  This is a great option for lure makers wanting to bottle a high quality product under their own labels. Click here for more information.