Build Your Own Personal Deer Lures

By Paul Pollick


I have sent Paul Pollick’s Whitetail Deer Urines, Deer Musk Scents, and Hunting Deer Lures throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1995. Customers everywhere tell us that they have never used whitetail deer lure attractors which deer respond to so readily in the areas they hunt. These hunters ask what is so different about our products. 

This is my explanation. Whitetail deer have evolved to develop their own unspoken natural scent language, used and understood by all other whitetail deer wherever they may live. Whitetail deer language is communicated by the release of natural scent pheromones contained inside different natural deer musk scent glands and urine. We also know deer urine is checked regularly by other deer throughout the pre-, peak and post-rut mating cycles. Deer urine is scent checked for the content of its various sexual advertising scents and pheromones of interest which would stimulate further investigation. Our natural deer musk gland scent tinctures are highly concentrated with these authentic natural scent pheromones. Pollick’s whitetail buck and doe deer urine is preserved with an odorless liquid and like our deer musk gland scent tinctures, will not freeze or spoil and smell fresh for years. Our deer urine is collected only from tame bottle fed deer. They will not spook or scare during urine collection. It is believed that deer urine collected from an excited deer will signal an alarm to other deer who smell it. 

These desirable factors make Pollick’s buck and doe urine a perfect carrier of other sexual scents and pheromones deer are hoping to find. Our whitetail deer urine combined with our natural deer musk, preorbital, interdigital, tarsal, sex and anal gland scents create a perfect marriage for high interest long lasting deer lures. 

Many hunters I speak with express an added interest and excitement when attracting deer to their hunting site, especially when they feel they had a hand in the formulation of their own personal deer lure attractor. 

For a more complete understanding of deer musk gland scent tinctures, go to our homepage, click on pro-pack special, and review Using Deer Lures Effectively

I will discuss some basic deer lure formulation which can be easily adjusted to carry different powerful natural scent messages. This is done by changing the volume of Pollick’s different deer musk scents and urine. 

Although each of my deer scents explained below work with fantastic results when used by themselves, each scent is also specifically developed to allow a certain freedom for hunters to formulate their own deadly lure combination when mixed with some of my other scents. 


These deer musk gland scent tinctures are:

Preorbital- all the head scents and saliva buck deposit on early communal licking branches, tree rubs, and a limb above every true breeding scrape.

2. Buck Interdigital and Doe Interdigital- natural hoof musk trailing scent deposited wherever a deer may travel

3. Buck Tarsal and Doe Tarsal- sexual identity advertising scent which must be present in all high interest dominant buck urine, doe-in-heat-urine, buck rut, and formulated doe sex lures.

4. Buck, Doe, Sex & Anal Gland- The pheromones in this deer gland tincture ignite passion in buck rut and doe sex lures and deer urine like nothing else can. 

  A basic early season natural curiosity lure for 8 ounce volume (since these are all natural scents, volumes may vary.)

   -4 parts Pollick’s Buck or Doe Urine (or in combination)

   -2 parts Pollick’s Buck or Doe Interdigital (or in combination)

   -1 part Pollick’s Buck Preorbital (highly attractive)

   -½ part Pollick’s Red Fox Urine & Musk

   -½ part imitation vanilla

A basic Pre-rut deer lure for 8-oz volume

   -6 parts Pollick’s Buck or Doe Urine base

   -1 ½ parts Pollick’s Buck or Doe Interdigital trailing scent

   -1/2 part Pollick’s Buck or Doe Tarsal, light sexual scent. 

To create a light change or variation in your pre-rut lure mix-- a few drops of vanilla, Pollick’s Apple, Acorn or Sweet Corn Essence, etc. may be added in a strength barely detectable to your smell. 

A basic buck rut or doe-in-heat deer lure (8 oz volume)

   -5 parts Pollick’s Dominant Buck or Doe Urine

   -1 part Pollick’s Buck or Doe Interdigital trailing scent

   -2 parts Pollick’s Buck or Doe Tarsal Gland – sexual advertising scent or 1 part Pollick’s Buck or Doe Tarsal, and 1 part Pollick’s Sex and Anal Gland Scent.

  A few drops of asafetida, or lovage, etc. may be added as a sexual scent fixative.

  My deer musk gland tinctures may also be blended together to express multiple natural scent messages such as:

   -2 parts Pollick’s Interdigital and 1 part Pollick’s Tarsal Gland tincture for a natural trail with sexual mating interest. 

Now that I have you thinking, Pollick’s has all the proven products whitetail deer are using throughout the year. You decide the natural scent message or messages you wish to relay, and the method you choose to present this unspoken natural scent message. I hope this information has helped you. Any or all inquiries welcome.