Animal Urines – Freeze Proofed


Dear fellow trappers,

For over 50 years, I never missed a single trapping season. This is something I always did for the pure love of it, regardless of the fur prices. With the large number of deer we process during the fall and winter Pennsylvania hunting seasons, I do not have time to run a full line trapping supply business. However, during the spring and summer months, I relish my time in the lure sheds making my natural gland deer scents and lures.

2 years ago, I decided to add my line of quality trapping scents and lures to our respected line of whitetail deer scent, lures, and urines. You won’t find cheaper, more reliable baits and lures formulated with the finest ingredients and years of experience behind them. And best of all, they will perform well and save a lot of money on your trap line expenses. Our 8 oz. trapping lures are only $2.50/oz.


Jar size: 8 oz.

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Bobcat Urine – Freeze Proofed, Coyote Urine – Freeze Proofed, Red Fox Urine – Freeze Proofed, Mink Urine – Freeze Proofed, Raccoon Urine – Freeze Proofed


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