Authentic Scrape Starter


A blend of natural buck and doe urine, plus 10 buck and doe deer musk gland scent communication pheromones: Preorbital, Interdigital, Tarsal, Sex, & Anal Gland Scent. There is nothing to compare it to on the deer hunting market. Authentic Scrape expresses every natural scent of an adult whitetail buck and doe. The locking trigger spray bottle is formulated for the hunter or photographer who wants to create and maintain multiple natural deer scrapes throughout the season. For enhanced success, use Pollick’s Liquid or Oil Base Preorbital scent on the licking branch above your scrape. Every natural scrape begins with a Preorbital licking branch.

24 oz trigger spray bottle
64 oz (half gallon) – screw cap

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24 oz. (trigger spray), 64 oz. (half gallon)


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