These three predator paste baits (A, B, & C) all have a moist oily, meaty, pasty appearance. They are medium ground and aged to a nice, light taint. They vary slightly in color. All three baits will withstand various typed of weather. Each bait contains 12-16 different ingredients including fish, meat, mice, castor, raw honey, and musks. Our baits appeal to food, curiosity, and natural scent interests. Jar size: 6 oz.

Predator Paste Bait A – Save 15%!

Contains a sharp-sweet odor.

Predator Paste Bait B – Save 15%!

Contains a pleasant, light-taint meat odor.

Predator Paste Bait C – Save 15%!

Contains a pleasant light-taint with a little skunk essence carrier (for cold weather)

Raccoon Paste Bait

blue berries, grapes, honey, and musks; waterproofed.

Raccoon Fruit Bait

thick base, cooked apples, blue berries, grapes, honey, and musks; weatherproofed.

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Predator Paste Bait A, Predator Paste Bait B, Predator Paste Bait C, Raccoon Paste Bait, Raccoon Fruit Bait


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