Black Bear Urine Gland


This lure is a black bear sow-in-heat urine base with boar bear internal gland, musk, and passion ingredients. This is an excellent lure to lead a couple intruder trails from your bait sites shortly before and when you intend to hunt it. This will persuade him to check the bait more often. You can really smell the bear gland in Pollick’s Black Bear Urine Gland Lure.

**New & Improved Formula for 2017**

We have formulated Black Bear Sow In-Heat in to Pollick’s Black Bear Urine Gland Lure. This lure now also authenticates the natural pheromones of a mating black bear pair in the area.

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2.5 oz. (spray pump), 8 oz. (screw cap), 16 oz. (screw cap)


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