Buck & Doe Tarsal Sex & Anal Gland Scent


Deer farmers and lure makers—If you want to provide your customers with the finest buck in rut or doe in heat lure for the 2016 season, Pollick’s Whitetail Deer Lures has an abundance of potent deer musk gland scents. They are highly concentrated with natural communication scent pheromones deer check urine for throughout the entire rutting period. Urine only picks up varying amounts of sexual scents and pheromones as it passes through the waste system. Two to three cups of my strong natural buck or doe tarsal, sex and anal gland scent plus the addition of interdigital gland deer musk scent tincture added to a gallon of buck or doe urine will provide the following:

  • Tarsal gland-the sexual identity advertising scent pheromones of a buck in rut or a doe in heat.
  • Interdigital gland-the natural hoof musk trailing pheromones of a dominant buck or a doe.
  • Sex and Anal gland scent-these sexual scent pheromones speak volumes of interest to buck and doe throughout the entire mating periods.

There is no comparison between plain deer urine and urine that is fortified with total authentic deer musk gland scent communication pheromones. Deer Hunters nothing will liven up a breeding scrape better during the rutting and mating periods than the use of this product.

Use This Product During:

  • Post-Rut
  • Pre-Rut
  • Rut

If ordering more than 1 gallon, you must call Paul for adjusted shipping charges: 724-295-3543.

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Buck Tarsal Sex & Anal Gland Scent, Doe Tarsal Sex & Anal Gland Scent


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