Doe In Heat


Pollick’s Doe In Heat Urine is collected from mature, bottle fed doe during their in heat or estrus cycle. A doe’s female reproductive tract and vaginal secretions, along with her tarsal glands, produce the pheromones that serve as sexual attractors. Estrus doe urine will contain additional chemical compounds of mating interest to breeding buck during the pre-rut, peak-rut, and post-rut mating cycles. If you want to really turn up the heat on doe in heat or estrus doe urine, add two cups of Pollick’s Doe Tarsal Sex & Anal Gland Scent to a gallon of Doe In Heat Urine.

We will add a pint ($42 value) of our highly concentrated Doe Tarsal Sex & Anal Gland sexual advertising scent pheromones for only $22 more to each gallon of Pollick’s Doe in Heat Urine. This is a far superior urine-gland doe in heat urine, formulated with all the authentic natural gland sexual advertising pheromones mature breeding buck check for in doe in heat or estrus doe urine. Sexual scent pheromones in plain doe in heat urine are quite delicate and break down and dissipate in just a few days. Sexual scent pheromones found in natural deer glands do not. The pheromones found in these added Doe Tarsal Sex & Anal Glands are much more potent and will last for years when properly tinctured and preserved by an experienced lure maker. This is what differentiates Pollick’s gland-enhanced Doe in Heat Urine from all others on the market.

Use This Product During:

  • Post-Rut
  • Rut

If ordering more than 1 gallon, you must call Paul for adjusted shipping charges: 724-295-3543.

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Doe In Heat 1 Gallon, Doe In Heat 1 Gallon w/ 16 oz. Sex & Anal Gland


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