Dominant Buck Urine


Pollick’s Dominant Buck Urine is collected from tame mature buck that are bottle fed from a few days old. Tame deer always produce the most consistent high quality deer urine. To our Dominant Buck Urine, we add the right amount of dominant buck tarsal gland pheromones, to let other mature breeding buck know they have a new BOSS buck to contend with in the area. Dominant Buck Urine is a territorial and aggression scent to other mature buck and holds sexual interests to doe coming into heat or estrus. Use this hot buck urine in breeding scrapes or saturate our Scent Wicks and hang in strategic shooting lanes while grunting or rattling. Surveys have shown up to 55% of mature buck that answer your rattle or call without the use of a good scent attractor to zero in on will detect your presence and slip away before you see them. Use This Product During

We will add a pint ($36 value) of concentrated Dominant Buck Interdigital Gland hoof musk scent pheromones for only $20 more to each gallon of Pollick’s Dominant Buck Urine. This is a very good pre and peak-rut sexual identity, territorial, and natural trailing, urine-gland scent.

Use This Product During:

  • Pre-Rut
  • Rut

If ordering more than 1 gallon, you must call Paul for adjusted shipping charges: 724-295-3543.

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Dominant Buck Urine – 1 Gallon, Dominant Buck Urine w/ Buck Interdigital – 1 Gallon


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