Fur Trapping Lures


Paul Pollick’s Fur Trapping Lures

Our baits and lures are as good as it gets. Our prices are even better! Try us, you won’t be disappointed. Heavy Base, Long Lasting, Quality Lures.

Beaver Castor
Ground into a thick liquid, good at mud pies.

Beaver Oil Sack
Liquefied, good on trail above water sets; also a great additive to predator baits and lures.

Bobcat No. 121
Bobcat, coyote, fox: a good food and gland lure.

Coyote No. 131
Coyote, fox: food, gland, and musks.

Red Fox #141

Fox, coyote, bobcat: food, castor, mink musk, orris, good at all dirt holes.

Coyote, fox, bobcat: food, castor, civit, skunk essence, nice strong odor, use near or above set.

Muskrat No. 151
Glands, sweet flag, castor and conc. oils.

Raccoon No. 161
Fish, meat, shellfish, sweet musks, good for gray fox also.

Bobcat Gland Lure – Save 15%!
Bobcat, coyote, fox: thick strong odor natural bobcat glands and urine.

Coyote Gland Lure
Coyote, bobcat, fox: strong lasting natural coyote odor.

Red Fox Gland Lure
Fox, bobcat, coyote: nice mellow all around gland lure.

Mink Gland Lure
Good for pulling those male mink to your sets; also a great change up lure for raccoon and land predators.

Raccoon Gland Lure
Good late season male raccoon attractor.

Gray Fox No. 171
Food and gland lure with light gray fox odor.

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Beaver Castor, Beaver Oil Sack, Bobcat No. 121, Coyote No. 131, Red Fox #141, Curiosity, LDC, Muskrat No. 151, Raccoon No. 161, Bobcat Gland Lure, Coyote Gland Lure, Red Fox Gland Lure, Mink Gland Lure, Raccoon Gland Lure, Gray Fox No. 171

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