System One

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New, larger System One! Save 14% on these 3 items!

System One is a combination of three of our finest early season and pre-rut lures.

System One contains the following deer scents & lures in a new, larger 1.2 oz amber bottle.

  • Mystic Intrigue is an early season curiosity scent that attracts both buck and doe.
  • Doe Interdigital is a hoof musk scent that doe use all year to identify each other.
  • There is nothing more effective to bring doe to your stand.
  • Doe Tarsal is the gland that doe urinate over to deposit their estrus cycle odor.

This scent will peak the interest of breeding buck of all ages starting with the pre-rut. All three scents can be used to lay a trail upwind of your stand and then hang in shooting lanes.


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