System Two


New, larger System Two! Save 14% on these 3 items!

System Two is a combination of three of our finest rut and post rut lures.

System Two contains the following deer scents & lures in a new, larger 1.2 oz amber bottle.

  • Buck Preorbital originates in the forehead gland and is deposited on all tree rubs and licking branches.
  • Buck Interdigital is a hoof musk scent that is sex specific and is used as a natural trailing scent.
  • Doe in Estrus is urine collected at the height of the estrus cycle and used by mature bucks to determine when a doe is ready to breed.

All three scents can be used to build the perfect mock scrape.
Interdigital and Doe in Estrus can be used to lay a scent trail or hang in shooting lanes.


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