Buck & Doe Sex Gland Scent

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Doe Sex Gland Scent: Pollick’s doe sex and anal glands are collected from mature doe in our Pennsylvania hunting season during their mating periods. Extracted natural sexual scent pheromones contained in our doe sex gland scent tincture will quickly turn a buck’s nose and feet in the direction of this scent, if it is presented so he can detect it’s odor. Pollick’s Doe Sex Gland Scent is highly attractive by itself. Or it may be blended with our doe urine or our doe tarsal gland tincture to create your own personal hot doe lure. Use in breeding buck scrapes, on hanging saturated scent wicks, or as a high interest sexual trailing doe lure

Buck Sex Gland Scent: At Pollick’s, we only use sex and anal glands from mature dominant buck to extract the highest natural concentration of authentic sexual deer scent pheromones. Place some of our buck sex gland scent in a buck breeding scrape and you won’t recognize it the next time you see it. Our sex gland scent may also be blended with our dominant buck urine or our tarsal gland tincture to create your own highly effective rutting scrape and trailing buck lure.

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  • Post-Rut
  • Pre-Rut
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Buck 2.5 oz. (spray pump), Buck 8 oz. (screw cap), Buck 16 oz. (screw cap), Doe 2.5 oz. (spray pump), Doe 8 oz. (screw cap), Doe 16 oz. (screw cap)

1 review for Buck & Doe Sex Gland Scent

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kenzie G

    Mr. Pollick,
    The buck was about 40 yards downwind of my tree stand when he put his nose up in the air and came straight into the doe sex gland that I had on a scent wick. I shot him through the lungs at 15 yards. He went 35 yards and piled up. Thanks for a great scent!
    Sincerely, Kenzie G

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